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  Save Time and Money, use Multi-Batch to Batch AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT Drawings Now!
Compatible with all versions of AutoCAD® and AutoCAD LT including the latest 2021 and LT 2021 release.

Are you tired of repeating the same tasks on multiple drawings or staying late plotting to meet a deadline. Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else.

Now you can. This best selling software will automate AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT from batch plot to batch conversion.

Released in 2001 Multi-Batch is one of the leading batch programs on the market today.

Perform tasks automatically whether it is simply Batch Plot, Batch Purge, Batch Insert, Batch Xrefing, Batch Exporting DXF/DWF, Batch Changing Text/Attributes etc. or more complex tasks, Multi-Batch is the program you need. Basically any command or routine you use in AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT, can be set up to work automatically on thousands of drawings.

"The usefulness of MultiBatch is unbelievable. The cost is insignificant for it's function. It more than pays for it's self in one use. We can't thank you enough for such a great product!"

Jack  - USA              Read more testimonials
In one day, I was able to:
1. write a script to perform a complex function 
2. batch that script to 400 isometrics 
3. batch insert a new block to all 400 isometrics 
4. batch plot all 400 isometrics with the new changes and blocks
and I did this all in one work day. Where as my supervisor estimated that it would take approximately 200 man hours to do this work manually. 
MB saved the day…AGAIN

Buddy - USA
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Multi-Batch Wizards automatically create your routines:

Multi-batch comes with five wizards for automatically creating your routines including Batch Plot using Detailed information or Pagesetups, Batch Saveas Drawing/DXF, Batch Purge & Batch Import pagesetups. 

Imagine consistently batch plotting all drawings without having to worry about what Pagesetup to use. Just select the drawings, select the routine and let AutoCAD do the work while you do something else.


After 2 years of using Multi-Batch I can say that it is a great program.
Thank you very much for it! I just can't imagine what could I do without it!

Raisa - Australia
"I have downloaded the software, purchased the licence and started using Multibatch yesterday. I must say that I think the program is superb and has already saved a massive amount of time. It is probably the best £20 this company has ever spent." 

Tom - England

Multi-Batch is fun and amazing to watch, while saving you hours and $1000's on editing time.

Multi-Batch also proves that not all Batch Processing tools are created equal and can pay for itself in one session. Our policy of low cost, superior tools for AutoCAD can benefit all users. 

Multi-Batch has a wide range of customers from all types of industry including  Aerospace, Architects, Defence, Engineering, Electronics & Universities.

Don’t delay download today and put AutoCAD to work for YOU. 

Other Testimonials

Real Life Situations:

Download Your Free Multi-Batch Trial Now:

I have emailed you a testimonial in the past, of how well Multi-Batch works for me. - But today, it really paid off.
I have MANY dwgs that I need 14 different commands done to, each! The old way would have taken me a couple of days worth of work. I created a script within Multi-Batch, tested it, then tested it a couple more times, then ran it on 477 dwgs, it took a little under 5 minutes to do them all!
This program is great! I can't believe I used to do each dwg individually! 
Keep up the good work

Craig - USA  
"We, around here, really appreciate this program - it has saved us a lot of time and effort and we use it constantly. You have provided an excellent and needed program at a very reasonable price and we inform everyone we communicate with about Multi-Batch! Applause to all of you there, my friend.
I also thank you for your quick response to my problem and the quick fix you provided." 

Jim - USA

When you need this program you will really need it so don’t delay get your registration today.


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