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Save Time and Money, use PipeDbase-Utility to check your CADWorx Pipe Models Now!

PipeDbase-Utility is a quick and easy way to check the integrity of the pipe models using the CADWorx Database. With this tool you can quickly search through the CADWorx database for any item using selected search criteria. Without PipeDbase-Utility you would have to use Access and set up SQL queries yourself.

How many times have you got to the checking phase only to find out some of the valves or pipe supports are tagged incorrectly. With PipeDbase-Utility you can do a quick check any time during the project, to make sure things are been done to comply with company standards and then a final check before creating the isometrics for checking.

PipeDbase-Utility comes with a sample database to show what you can achieve.

Key features include:

  • Quickly search the CadWorx Database for any item.
  • You do not need CadWorx installed on the computer to open the Database.
  • Delete a pipe model from the CadWorx Database.
  • Narrow search results by specifying search criteria.
  • Search for duplicate tags, especially useful for items like valves and pipe supports, when you copy them from other pipe models.
  • Search for items without a line number.
  • Search for items that require a tag.
  • Export results to a CSV file to be opened in Excel.
  • List unique line numbers.
  • List unique pipe model files.


Further Customisation:

We can further customize PipeDbase-Utility to suit your company standards. For example if part of your line number is in the pipe support tag we can set up PipeDbase-Utility to check the pipe support tags against the line number. 

Here is a sample of some other checks that can be performed, the list is endless.

  • Check line number against the pipe spec used in the model.
  • Check line number against the model file name.
  • Check line number against the pipe support tags.
  • Check valve type and size against a list
  • Check line number against P&ID
  • Check valve tag against P&ID
  • Check model length against schedule
  • Convert tag $ to -

Donít delay download PipeDbase-Utility today and put the CadWorx Database to work for you. 

Download Your Free PipeDbase-Utility Trial Now:

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